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This company makes the most awesomely insane leggings, QOO QOO. Their motto is “Courage for Fashion” and believe me these are not for the fashion shy at heart, you will have to have the b*lls to get out there and … Continue reading

Moonlight Lake Cardigan

This cardigan from ModCloth is frickin awesome. I am super into layering and love me a cardigan, anything with buttons that I can layer on top of whatever else I’m wearing, adds instant style in my opinion. 

I love the shoulders and the pattern down the sleeves, it adds structure to any outfit. It’s also great neutral colors to go with a variety of outfits, day time, night time, with jeans, heels, boots, skirts, shorts. etc… The outfit above is a fabulous example. 

Truly a stunning piece.

Let’s go SheRocS!!!

I don’t know what it is, but I have this HUGE infatuation with Varsity Jackets. They are timeless classics to me and this sweatshirt version from H&M is perfect.

It’s the perfect casual “go-to” piece. It’s like a staple in my wardrobe for sure. I have one from Triple 5 Soul (so sad, we miss you!) that I will never give up on and then this other one from Hellz Bellz aka Hellz that I absolutely adore. Not to mention a flurry of others come and gone… but it’s just such a great classic piece of clothing I shall never part with them. 

Try one on for size, via the thrift store (dry clean it please prior to wear) or your neighborhood H&M as shown here… trust me you will love, love, love it. 

CARDI-ME away!

YUMMY! This VIOLET RABIT FUR CARDIGAN from NASTY GAL VINTAGE is frickin awesome. The color is fabulous and I’m totally in love with the cut. It’s a great vintage find, that I’m sure will have many a vintage thrift shopper in total envy, and with the $248 dollar price tag I’m sure that will be many of us. But it’s just so PRETTY!