FLAT-tery, will get you EVERYWHERE!

Boom Bam Back at it again, Mista Lova Lova aka Jeffrey Campbell to all ya’ll living on the moon who don’t know who the man is. 

He doeth very little wrong in my little black book of shoes, and the Skulltini is just a lithe reminder ladies of why you need to keep yo’ shoe game TIGHT! Let me repeat… TIIIIGHT!

I always discuss how flats do absolutely nothing for me, literally I’m 5’1 on a good day and I like to keep everything lengthy if you know what I mean. But give me a stud, a gold stud at that with multiples all over and SheRocS says, YUM YUM YUM GIMME SOME!

The red w/gold and black w/gold are obviously my favs, but the white are super dope too… I mean there is always a lil room in the shoe closet for flats right? They barely take up any room at all, so who’s to deny giving them a happy home and warm feet to slip onto every now and then?

Surely not I… surely not I.


Skulltini  $159.95



Hello there little lovelies… I must say TOPSHOP is usually pretty on the money for me most of the time and these are just another 3 reasons why I will stay loyal to my little British heart throb. 

The tangerine color is ridiculously bomb, great for summer, awesome transition into fall wardrobe with tights, wool socks, knee highs, etc… as well as the black w/gold and the nude, always great staples for any wardrobe. The ankle strap is just another sexy tidbit, that makes them that much more dope. I mean what kinda girl doesn’t love an ankle strap? Very flirtatious and the style and colors are ones that will last you more than just one season. 

Now hmm… which pair do you buy? One? Or all three? Well, 3 is my favorite number after all… 🙂 🙂 🙂 




  • Price: $130.00

AAAA-LO-HA baby.

VaVaVoom. Talk about some Lady Killers, these shoes are some Summer Sexy Bad Ass MoFo’s all wrapped into one boom bangin’ stiletto. 

Givenchy obviously, has no shortage in the sexy arena, but hubba hubba, these are some hot sex on a platta for your gam gams ladies. 

Plus, did I fail to mention they are currently on sale? Well, lord knows we ladies all love a sale and if you happen to run into a large sum of cash preferably around a G, you’re good to go and can get your hula on for real a la Givenchy


Givenchy women ’s Printed Open Toe Stilettos from S/S 12 collection in multicolour.

– These Givenchy Shoes feature all over tropical patterning of plants, geometrical shapes and shark teeth. 
– Open toe, fastens around the ankle with a printed strap with a gold cylindrical buckle and five eyelets. 
-Brown leather insole with the words ‘Givenchy’ embossed at the heel. 
– Black leather panels at each side of the upper and black leather sole, also coating the stiletto heel. 
– 100% leather, textile fabric.

-These shoes are from the Givenchy Spring 2012 collection. 

heel 12cm/4.50” -full length 15cm/6.00”


He’s back at it again, or should I say, as always… Mr. Jeffrey Campbell coming correct with “Dorm” flat. The nail head studs and electric blue sole give it a whole new look in regards to the ‘oxford’ that has seemed to take over the SHOE-NIVERSE, but I am really, really diggin’ this version.

I don’t really do flats (unless it’s a sneaker, it’s a mental thing). I’m 5 ft 1/2 and in my brain that requires a little extra height at all times to round off everything, just right… But I love that the shoe itself isn’t too narrow, I have Fred Flintstone feet + the height deal makes most of the oxford/brogue shoes just not really work for me, but these beauties are a little fuller and have just the right amount of funk to make me seriously contemplate entering the “flats world”. I mean the sole alone is sure to get nothing but compliments, head turns and a plethora of stares. 

Get yo’ JC on people, he always i

Availability: In stock

  • Leather upper
  • Metal nail-head ornaments
  • 1-inch heel
  • Blue man-made sole
  • Imported

Fits true to size. If in between sizes, order up.


80%20 is the shiz-nit. If you don’t know now you do. 
I am long time lover of miss cc Chin, the designer and founder behind this insanely dope brand. 
this is where the hidden wedge started ladies and gentleman, don’t get it twisted. the ‘molly’ is the classic 80%20 shoe and even though i own quite a few, every season  they just keep making more and more new hotness… example a (below) is a really cool update on the original and I’m loving the contrasting straps against the green. dope colors for summer and trust me these will stay in heavy rotation in your shoe-drobe. 
keep em’ comin’ cc + 80%20

Availability: In stock

  • linen upper
  • leather trim, woven textile straps
  • Adjustable ankle strap
  • Man made sole
  • 3 -inch hidden wedge
  • Imported

Fits true to size




Jesus, Mary & Joseph!!! 

These are some hot booties and you know how me and a bootie get down, all puns intended 🙂

I love me a tough, mean bootie, especially in suede and these Cross Heel Boots by Friend of Mine are insanely dope. Just the right tough of flair to give it a very unique look and set them apart from your basic platform bootie. 

I’m in love and may be visiting the Holy Ghost just a little bit more often with these on my feet! I’m feeling the spirit in my “SOLE” baby!!!! 🙂

*Genuine Leather Upper
*Shoe Height: 9.5”
*Heel Height: 4.75”
*Platform Height: 1.5”


Topshop does it to me again and again and these babies are no exception. Yum. Yum. Yum. 

I always love a chunky heel because it makes my life and my feet so happy. Definitely a heel you can get down in, walk all day in and just admire all day while they are on your feel . 

For sure feelin’ the clear accents (better have your foot game as in toes & moisturizer ladies if you wanna rock these) and the metallic accents. I’m a shoe whore and these babies can get all my money, all day e’ry day.



Yum Yum gimme some!

These Adidas Originals Forum Lo RS’s are literally 1 of 2 low tops I will ever wear (love you my Nike Air Max 90s). The new rendition for Spring ‘12 are boom bastic kick fantastic and I’m sure they only come in frickin MENS as usual, but that doesn’t mean a girl can’t stare a little bit… get her flirt on with a hubba hubba pair of super fly kicks. 

Right? Flirt away ladies, flirt a-way. 

Wink Wink…



Um hello there. 

Ya for starters just to get the amazing feature of this really cool heels out of the way, they are only $72 dollars. 

Yes, $72 dollars. I’m sorry, but you don’t (always) have to spend an abundant amount of cash on a really dope pair of shoes. I know. I’m addicted to buying shoes. So, trust me when I say you do not and these are a perfect example of how not too. 

Threadscence always has super dope kicks ladies at even more awesome prices. They styles are unique &  different (if you’re like me and LOVE that kinda thing). So, you should really head on over and check em’ out. 

But back to the shoes, these are a fantastic, summer staple to spruce up the “edge” in your warmer months wardrobe and the are in the ‘beige’ family so they will literally go with EVERYTHING. What more can you ask for and at the price, uh duh… it’s a no brainer. 

Step your summer shoe game up (literally) and try something new, don’t worry SheRocS will help you along the way, you can do it … stay tuned for more Weekly Shoe-Gasims here. 

Uptown Travels Heels


-All man-made materials 
-5” heel 
-1” platform 


Ladies, ladies, ladies… for those of us, you, me, anyone on this earth who doesn’t have one ounce of fat on their BOOOOOOOOOODIES and may not have the luxury of wearing, lets say a cut out dress, with slits right along… hmmm, the back side of yo a$$, or across yo tum tum… I have a solution. 


In this case, a cut out wedged platform by Michael Antonio and I must say this is quite the cut out wedged platform if I do say so myself.

YUM YUM GIMME SOME baby. I’m all about comfort, height, style and sex appeal for my legs and booty-tang and um, these are kinda doing all of the above for me. If you are one who has not “dared” try the platform yet, um ladies you are doing yourself a dis-service.

You may be thinking to yourself… “They are sooooo high” (waaaa) or “They look painfully tall, my feet would never last an hour“… that is where you are dead wrong sister… they are super comfortable and your toesies will last WAY longer than let’s say a stiletto… trust me, I am 5 ft nada and these types of heels are my fav. You will be taller than most (my fav), but it’s kinda great looking down on the little people for once (for me anyways), even if it’s only while wearing these bad boys, alas it is an amazing feeling.

You DO though need to have excellent balance as you will come into situations such as eg. the New York City F’d up curb, or the ever so lovely person who is not paying attention while walking and you need to dodge them, alas perhaps an oncoming cab or car running a light comes your way and you have to put some pep in your step,… these types of occurrences will require you to manuever at a quicker, more graceful pace or manner, but YOU CAN DO IT, I have faith in you and so does our lovely and fabulous friend, Mr. Michael Antonio, so cut-it-out already… get your platform on!

Michael Antonio Studio Gallista Black Velvet Cutout Platforms – $149.00

Those other cutouts don’t make the cut once you’ve seen the Michael Antonio Studio Gallista Black Velvet Cutout Platforms! Gorgeous laser cutouts form an intricate web-work from peep toe to ankle, with tonal top-stitching to trace every nook and crannie. Black velvet adds that extra touch of elegance (as if you needed more). 3.25” zipper at heel has a fabulous tassel pull. Wrapped 2.5” super platform accentuates the 5.5” chunky heel (with rubber tip). Cushioned insole. Non-skid velvet sole. Fit is true to size (round down if you’re between sizes). Available in whole and half sizes. Measurements are for a size 6. All vegan friendly, man made materials. Imported.