PREP School East Sider, meet my Bad Ass Pants Down Town Pants!!

So I was in my favorite coffee spot, Stumptown, in the Ave Hotel and bam! This Japanese couple walks in, super stylish. Fresh kicks, military style coats, awesome accessories and the pants, OMG the pants. Khaki’s with SKULLS embroidered into them! They are from the Rugby Store by Ralph Lauren. 

Who knew?

And then they came in another fabulous print, black cord with white skulls. My boyfriend loved the black version, but I am so feeling these khakis with the black skulls embroidered into them, very, very cool preppy pants. I heart them, even though they are mens. 


So, as I normally do I’m happily searching out new art, fashion, style, food, etc… on the internet and to my wonderful fortune I stumbled upon Gaia and by these photographs I’m sure you can understand why my jaw pretty much dropped the second I saw the work. These are gorgeous, huge, and just really cool frickin art. I would love to own one of his pieces and plan too, or just keep finding his work and taking pictures of it and hanging them in my apartment. I just had to pay tribute to a fantastic street style artist and pray we continue to get more beautiful and outrageous pieces from him. Check out Gaia @

Hey! ya-ya-ya! Hey! ya-ya-ya!

Happy Holidays to me! Geesh! I think after all the holiday madness I really need to have a little “Treat myself because I deserve it, after all the holiday shopping I did for others this year and was so thoughtful and selfless” shopping spree! Don’t you think so?

Well, if I weren’t exhausted, jetlagged (from spending 2 extra days in LA, due to a torrential snow storm in NY and one long morning from 3 am til about 9 pm in the airport), I might think of taking my left over strength and doing so for this FAB-U-LOUS dress. It’s that worth it. 

It comes in this ridiculously sick pattern, tribal print one of my favs and is just super frickin hot. I think we should all go out and buy one to say, “Thank you, you were great this year and Santa really loves you”!

Hope you’re holidays were all amazing ladies and gents!

available at:


If you were ever SCARED of color, you cannot be now. I’m demanding it. You absolutely need to find a place on your body for it.

LOOK! Look at all these photos, come on, really? Everything looks so much fun and full of LIFE.

I really feel like color makes you happy. Certain things I wear (if you know me you know I’m like a rainbow of fruit flavor when it comes to clothes) make me feel like twirling in circles, laughing, skipping, jumping, hugging, and singing all at the same time.

Color and clothes really change your attitude and in this economy every little bit counts. We are living in a crazy time and what better pick me up than a little, loud, bright, fabulous color?  

These pictures are great inspirations/styles of ways you can add some in your closet, go ahead mix it, match it, put it on! SMILE & Live out LOUD!

FOXY LADY!!!! (it’s faux people, relax)

DE-LISH! Ok, this is the most REAL looking FAUX anything I’ve ever seen. It’s absolutely stunning and I can’t get over how real looking it is. It would be AWESOME for I don’t know, the COLDEST DAYS EVER we’ve been having in NY lately, yikes! But it kinda feels great, makes you remember you’re alive. But this coat would remind you that YOU are alive and all the cute little foxes are ALIVE as well and those crazy ass people who like to slaughter animals should all go rot somewhere ugly.