BASS! Oh BASS! You have made yourselves a comeback, and we HEART you for it desperately. These shoes are so FAB! So, so, so FAB! I will without fail be getting them in both the NAVY and WHITE. I’ve been looking EVERYWHERE for something that has a little more substance as far as a flat Oxford/Brogue goes, the rest seem so dainty and I do not feel as though I am quite so fragile as a lot of the shoes out currently. I need something with a little funk, a little chunk… that still feels like a shoe and not a ballet slipper, I’m not really into that super flat look, I’m 5’1 so every little bit of heel counts. They babies aren’t out as of just yet, but I will keep your shoe loving selves informed without a doubt. 

CARDI-ME away!

YUMMY! This VIOLET RABIT FUR CARDIGAN from NASTY GAL VINTAGE is frickin awesome. The color is fabulous and I’m totally in love with the cut. It’s a great vintage find, that I’m sure will have many a vintage thrift shopper in total envy, and with the $248 dollar price tag I’m sure that will be many of us. But it’s just so PRETTY!


WHIT’s sophomore collection, the heart and soul of Brooklyn-based, Austin educated, LA born designer Whitney Pozgay. WHIT’s line is absolutely charming. The colors, the prints don’t do anything but put a HIGE smile on your face and make you want to run outside and play. She’s a breath of fresh air to fashion and brings her California girl style, to a fashion forward world. The high wasted paper bag esq pants and the mint green dress & skirt are frickin AWESOME and I have definitely added them to my upcoming style wish list. Thank you Whitney for truly giving the style world a line full of joy and snazzy play clothes!

Anni Jurgenson, CUFF ME baby, CUFF ME!

Well, lock me up and throw away the key! These ear cuffs are beautiful and just WOW! I’m from the school of thought re: jewelry – THE BIGGER THE BETTER and these Ear Cuffs by Anni Jurgenson are absolutely no exception. The feathers are fabulous colors and so whimsical, it adds a little “UMPH” to any ho-hum outfit and takes it up a notch.  They are so unique and retro, with a hippy-esq vibe, I’m definitely going to have to purchase a few. 

Look them up to purchase on Style Hurricane.

Do BLONDS really have more FUN? It sure looks like they do.

Meet The BlondsDavid Trujillo and Phillipe Rolano. Or, as they are known, David and Phillipe Blond. The Blonds launched their label almost 7 years ago in 2004. Phillipe Blond started his design career as M.A.C make-up artist, while David was a window dresser for stores such as Macy’s in New York and Saks Fifth Avenue in Bal Harbour, Florida. Now-a-days,  ”The Blonds are famous for their corsetry masterpiece, which are handmade and also one of a kind. A combination between special-chosen garments embellished with extra amazing details make their collections stand out and become one of the top-choice wear by celebrities.”

The Blonds lines are OUTRAGEOUS and absolutely INSANE, yet I know deep inside every girl is screaming to wear one of their pieces and let their inner STAR out. I know I am! But then again these are very me, very me. Maybe a little bit longer in length for some of the outfits, I’m not sure I’m ready to rock a leotard out and about, but I could definitely get down with some of the dresses and anything with studs and leopard. 

They are definitely ones to watch and have the most entertaining fashion runway shows ever, (or so I hear). But fun none-the-less to watch and get inspired from. 

Enjoy The Blonds, or maybe try actually being one in one of their pieces!