Hello there little lovelies… I must say TOPSHOP is usually pretty on the money for me most of the time and these are just another 3 reasons why I will stay loyal to my little British heart throb. 

The tangerine color is ridiculously bomb, great for summer, awesome transition into fall wardrobe with tights, wool socks, knee highs, etc… as well as the black w/gold and the nude, always great staples for any wardrobe. The ankle strap is just another sexy tidbit, that makes them that much more dope. I mean what kinda girl doesn’t love an ankle strap? Very flirtatious and the style and colors are ones that will last you more than just one season. 

Now hmm… which pair do you buy? One? Or all three? Well, 3 is my favorite number after all… 🙂 🙂 🙂 




  • Price: $130.00


80%20 is the shiz-nit. If you don’t know now you do. 
I am long time lover of miss cc Chin, the designer and founder behind this insanely dope brand. 
this is where the hidden wedge started ladies and gentleman, don’t get it twisted. the ‘molly’ is the classic 80%20 shoe and even though i own quite a few, every season  they just keep making more and more new hotness… example a (below) is a really cool update on the original and I’m loving the contrasting straps against the green. dope colors for summer and trust me these will stay in heavy rotation in your shoe-drobe. 
keep em’ comin’ cc + 80%20

Availability: In stock

  • linen upper
  • leather trim, woven textile straps
  • Adjustable ankle strap
  • Man made sole
  • 3 -inch hidden wedge
  • Imported

Fits true to size





Hello there Miss Andreia Chaves and your lovely little NAKED SHOE … hubba hubba.

Woman’s shoes as of late have take a whole new turn, the more lethal the better and I think Andreia Chaves has topped them all with these puppies. The geometric design encases the actual pump and the overall aesthetic is gorgeous, breath taking and truly original. 

These bad boys aka THE NAKED SHOE, are made to order and a whole lotta cha ching ($2795.95), but wow… I don’t even know if I owned these if I could wear them outdoors. They are amazing works of art as far as the shoe game goes and I’m very impressed. 

Andreia Chaves via Brazil is bringing the noise with her new shoe line, watch out shoe designers! 

These incredible shoes are MADE TO ORDER. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. Your card will be charged at checkout. 

The mathematics of style 
Using advanced 3D printing technology, and available nowhere else in the world, the NAKED SHOE from Brazilian designer Andreia Chaves is a triumph of fashion and mathematical engineering. Hand made to order, this style showcases the foot like no other. Precise geometric structure meets high style. A new footwear icon has just been born. 
5 1/2” heel and 3/4” platform. 3D nylon printed exterior/leather interior and leather sole. Fits small and narrow. Recommend ordering up one whole size. Size 8 (EU 39) insole measures at 9 3/8” or 23.5cm. Each half size is 1/4 inch or 1/2cm difference. 

An Andreia Chaves original. 
Women’s shoe. Imported.


Topshop does it to me again and again and these babies are no exception. Yum. Yum. Yum. 

I always love a chunky heel because it makes my life and my feet so happy. Definitely a heel you can get down in, walk all day in and just admire all day while they are on your feel . 

For sure feelin’ the clear accents (better have your foot game as in toes & moisturizer ladies if you wanna rock these) and the metallic accents. I’m a shoe whore and these babies can get all my money, all day e’ry day.



HUBBA HUBBA, these are some HOT SEX ON A PLATTER heels. Neon… a love and color after my own heart forever and a day, you have done me well in these lovely Celine numbers. 

Ok, so ladies + gents… NEON goes way back (not just the last few fashion seasons and Jenna Lyons insanely dope and genius idea to add pops of it all over J.Crew), 80s + 90s babies you know what I’m talking about.

NEON has been around for a minute and is always a dope way to add a POP (literally) to you style, outfit of the day, night etc… Please allow it to come into your life. 

Embrace it. It isn’t going anywhere. 



Ladies, ladies, ladies… for those of us, you, me, anyone on this earth who doesn’t have one ounce of fat on their BOOOOOOOOOODIES and may not have the luxury of wearing, lets say a cut out dress, with slits right along… hmmm, the back side of yo a$$, or across yo tum tum… I have a solution. 


In this case, a cut out wedged platform by Michael Antonio and I must say this is quite the cut out wedged platform if I do say so myself.

YUM YUM GIMME SOME baby. I’m all about comfort, height, style and sex appeal for my legs and booty-tang and um, these are kinda doing all of the above for me. If you are one who has not “dared” try the platform yet, um ladies you are doing yourself a dis-service.

You may be thinking to yourself… “They are sooooo high” (waaaa) or “They look painfully tall, my feet would never last an hour“… that is where you are dead wrong sister… they are super comfortable and your toesies will last WAY longer than let’s say a stiletto… trust me, I am 5 ft nada and these types of heels are my fav. You will be taller than most (my fav), but it’s kinda great looking down on the little people for once (for me anyways), even if it’s only while wearing these bad boys, alas it is an amazing feeling.

You DO though need to have excellent balance as you will come into situations such as eg. the New York City F’d up curb, or the ever so lovely person who is not paying attention while walking and you need to dodge them, alas perhaps an oncoming cab or car running a light comes your way and you have to put some pep in your step,… these types of occurrences will require you to manuever at a quicker, more graceful pace or manner, but YOU CAN DO IT, I have faith in you and so does our lovely and fabulous friend, Mr. Michael Antonio, so cut-it-out already… get your platform on!

Michael Antonio Studio Gallista Black Velvet Cutout Platforms – $149.00

Those other cutouts don’t make the cut once you’ve seen the Michael Antonio Studio Gallista Black Velvet Cutout Platforms! Gorgeous laser cutouts form an intricate web-work from peep toe to ankle, with tonal top-stitching to trace every nook and crannie. Black velvet adds that extra touch of elegance (as if you needed more). 3.25” zipper at heel has a fabulous tassel pull. Wrapped 2.5” super platform accentuates the 5.5” chunky heel (with rubber tip). Cushioned insole. Non-skid velvet sole. Fit is true to size (round down if you’re between sizes). Available in whole and half sizes. Measurements are for a size 6. All vegan friendly, man made materials. Imported.

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Glitter me timbers!

You will definitely be able to reach the mistletoe in these babies, the 6.5 inches fabness all wrapped intp one gorg platform by none other than heart breaker Jeffrey Campbell. These are high ladies, I mean you could practically hang the misteltoe anywhere you desire wearing these sky high glitteramas and get a whole lotta smoochin’ on. I think the thought of a holiday smooch is worth adding these to your shoe closet don’t you? 

Now as usual, we or rather I could go on and on about JC and his killer shoe designing skills, but today I digress (sorry lover). I mean after all, it is the holidays so we need to think of others not just ourselves. Our hearts need to go out to the people who don’t always get noticed, maybe are the wall flower. Today I concentrate on those people. You who lay in the shadows so desperately wanting to be a little more eccentric but don’t dare, I have a perfect, yet totally awesome way for you to get out behind that curtain and reach into the light – and they are called: 

“Forget Gold & Glitter Stripe Platform Heels”

You immediately have to go online and/or into a store and find these frickin ridiculously delicious shoes. They will make you feel like no other. You will (as in the title) forget your old self and feel like a million bucks. You will shine. You will feel vibrant. You will feel like a million bucks and only spend a hundred and change to get there, and just in time for the holidays. 

Why not take a bold step into a whole new world of eccentricity (I live there, it’s amaaaaazing), 2012 is around the corner ladies, get a move on. It’s time to be FAB! 

Jeffrey Campbell Forget Gold & Glitter Stripe Platform Heels – $138

Studio 54 may be gone, but not forgotten, so get ready for the revival with the Jeffrey Campbell Forget Gold & Glitter Stripe Platform Heels! Champagne gold leather upper has a metallic foil finish that shines on a simple split upper, with an open toe and a cupped heel that offers a sexy, wraparound ankle strap. Unique strap adjusts with velcro and brass hardware. Striped glitter fabric in gold, red, silver, pink, and purple wraps the disco-ready 2.75” platform, and matching mega chunky heel takes it 6.5” higher (including rubber tip)! Handmade Havana Last insole. Non-skid rubber sole. Fit is true to size. Available in whole and half sizes. Measurements are for a size 6. Leather upper. Balance man made. Imported.