Cupid hit you with the LOVE arrow? Here are some fabulous gift ideas for Valentine’s Day!

DIGBY & IONA’s tree stump ring, I absolutely HEART this piece. You can personally engrave whatever initials you want on the side, which makes it even more special. It is so different and romantic in a really fresh new way and it’s been a fav of mine for a while, I don’t think you could ask for a more adoring expression of love on the the most romantic day of the year. 

Etsy is always a fav, check out this customizable ring by Minty Fresh for only $17 bucks, trust me when I tell you your sweety will be a flush after receiving this little gift of love.

Another cool piece of LOVE ART on Etsy by CollageOrama is this beauty, a little frame work and bam you’ve instantly got a great work of art to always remind the person you are with how much you love them. 

For the gadget junky Etsy has a ton of cool ipad sleeves & ipod/ipad docks, like this one from YummyPocket & woodtec (how cool is this charging station), they have a array of designs and are a nice way to say how much you care about your little geek (oh ya and their ipad).

As much as 2 finger rings have become all the rage, this “Tough Love” piece by Fancy Sexy Me, is super cute and romantic for V-Day. They are dainty and not overwhelming on the hands. I found this line at this amazing Holiday Bazaar in SoHo and fell in love, check out the rest of their line as well for your sweety. 

Give someone your heart with this anatomically correct piece @ OldHollywoodMoxie, this is for that serious kinda love, if you’re ready share your whole world and bestow the best part of you to your better half this is an beautiful piece to do so with. 

LOVE, OH SWEET LOVE, this is a beautiful gift to show your love to your one and only. I love this ring by St. Kilda. They make some dazzling love & serpent inspired jewelry including, engagement/wedding pieces, truly one in a million.

St. Kilda jewelry is for those who are not too timid to thing outside of the box creatively, they are gorgeous pieces of jewelry. 

For the Fashionista or Fashionisto in your life, this awesome little gold hanger from Metal Sugar, it is such a great gift! Any clothes-style-fashion lover will adore this will all their heart. 

You get to fill in the blank with this one, which makes it ever more adorable. You have to bring out your creative side with this little tote from Paper White Studio, and wow your lover with your awesomeness on Valentine’s Day. ($20)

SHOT THROUGH THE HEART! And you’re not too late! Not too late for Valentine’s Day anyways, this is so cute ($28) from Christine Domanic Jewelry. It’s a  fabulous token of love for your sweetie pie and couldn’t express love on V-Day more appropriately.

This is a Unisex Morse Code necklace by betsey & iya, you can customize it to say whatever you like or choose from existing phrases like, LOVE… how apropos for Valentine’s Day. This is a very charming and loving gift both he and she can adore. 

Will Leather Goods Liverpool Tote – by Will Leather Goods

This Will Leather Goods Liverpool Tote is sweet-urban-fabness! I really love the style, fabric and especially the lining. It has great, great pockets for our all womanly needs, which I love. Lots of pockets always come in really handy for whatever the hell seems to plague my purse and make it this never ending pit of items I seem to have-to-have with me at all times.

This tote-esq carryall is a great addition to any wardrobe and perfect for day-to-day wear.



People I hate to break it to you but blogging isn’t just looking at other people’s blogs and reposting their blog photo’s, quotes, writings, thoughts, life, etc. It’s homework, research, passions, follow through, putting in actual WORK.

Seriously, I don’t get how people thing copying and pasting other people’s work is blogging. Liking is one thing, but just basically copying is another.

Yes, going through other blogs finding things that fit your blog needs, likes, dislikes cool, but you have to ADD SOMETHING, like words, thoughts, some kind of composition, detail, etc. They did all the work to find whatever you’re reposting/copying and pasting, you can’t thing that’s original can you?

It’s none of your own original creativity. That’s the WHOLE POINT.

Especially, when you just repost and give no love to the people/bloggers who actually put in ALL THE WORK to create new and interesting posts. 

I’m really perplexed by this phenomenon of people on the internet. 




YOWZA! Girl you be killin’ em’, you be killin’ em’…. possibly literally with these seriously lethal heels by Patricia Field. Only she could pull something like this off and make it absolutely fabulous.  I would love to own these, but as the years pass, I just don’t know how I can do some 6 + inch platform heels anymore, but these really may be worth the pain. 


Be still my beating heart. How do you do it dearest Jeffrey Campbell? Over and over and over again, you seem to create little wonders for my ever beloved feet. You are a true master and trend setter, thank you for these lovelies and they have made my shoe-gasim’s sooooo worth it!




Jeffrey Campbell mustard and brown color block and perforated suede wedges. Has tie front and hidden zip back. 5” platform wedge wrapped in suede and wood. 100% leather upper. Rubber sole.

Marc my words!

This Marc by Marc Jacobs watch is HOT! It’s clear, yes clear people. I’m feeling this a lot and I’m super into gold, it’s pretty much all I wear when it comes to jewelry. So, for me to move out of my all GOLD world and into something different as far as jewelry goes is BIG! It’s very different, but in a subtle way and really versatile so it can go from day to night, to whatever you want.  

Time flies when you’re having fun!